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Hello! This is Panda Ian.

Panda Ian was born on April 26th, 1991 and he is proud to be a panda bear! Ian is a 19 year old who lives in China. He is known to be careful, thorough in examining situations and decisive in practical affairs. This guardian inspector is a panda of his word, intent on preserving social and family values. At home and at work, Ian is dependable and reliably examines pandas that fall under his responsibility, unobtrusively ensuring certain standards of conduct are maintained. To hide his identity, Panda Ian is usually spotted in a brown private detector outfit!
This Panda's Angel is


Oh no.. It took me forever to reach my destination as my new buddy is one of the most ultra super busy person I've met! I've been sitting around her boring office seeing her do her boring paper work, answer boring phone calls, day-dream after a wholesome lunch, plus moving about airports since I stayed with her! haha.. BUT at least I know how Penang airport and Subang airport look like! Now that we are finally home, I can finally check in and to my angel.. NO WORRIES! I'M SAFE AND SOUND!!

Last weekend was great! At least I got to spend time in Cameron Highlands cause my buddy was finally free!! The air was cool (no air-cond needed) and we had a great time shopping for VEGETABLES!!!!! unfortunately.. I couldn't find bamboo no matter how much we tried *sobs*. The market had plentiful of cabbage, corn, carrots, etc. At last, buddy and I settled for cherry tomatoes!! they taste quite good though... haha.. it has now became my second most favourite food!

Haha! After so many adventures, I can't wait to be reunited with my panda buddies for Christmas! At least we can trade stories when we meet!! See you all at the reunion!

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Posted on 21/12/2010 22:19:34 |
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Today I got to meet AND greet the awesome Mr Elmo! He looks a little like me except that he is red all over and laughs... a lot! He even has his own song titled "The Elmo Song!". We had cakes and cookies and sat down together to watch Dora The Explorer's latest adventures. I think I am like Dora as I am an adventurer too! Elmo tells me that he lives on Sesame Street and that it is a very exciting and interesting place to live at. He even showed me a picture of his friends, a big yellow bird and a big brown woolly mammoth. I would definitely want to visit Sesame Street one day! Elmo tells me that they have lots of cookies there too along with his friend called Cookie Monster! *Beep! Beep!* I think that's my ride! Elmo tells me his buddy is giving me a lift to a brand new destination! Can't wait to get there! Will update you once I arrive! Till then!

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Posted on 29/11/2010 16:28:23 |
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haha!! quite interesting~! =) keep it up..
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i like cookie monster
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Panda Ian was given a chance to go to Australia and learn its culture. Panda Ian was very excited about the trip and was serve with the freshest bamboo stick and mineral water (Mount frankin) all the way to Australia. What a life! Day 1: Panda Ian arrived in the Airport, he was being escorted by 100 wildlife rangers and police being a VIP (Very Important Panda) on a very important mission. Panda Ian was quickly brought to a 5 star tree house on his first day being he is still a Panda which is not use to the long hour fight and jet lag so on. At night, he was serve with an Australia's fruit basket, Aussie spa and Aussie massage. Day 2: Panda Ian was brought to the Australia's wildlife park to make some friends! Panda Ian introduce himself to Koala Kelvin, Kangaroo Kath, Platypus Paul, Crocodile Christ, Wombat Wally, Tasmania D Evil, and many other animals. Panda Ian spend a night in the wildlife park hanging around with his new found friends and learn about the different stuff that they can do being he is interested in learning new cultures. During that time, Panda Ian and Koala Kelvin have become "BFF" as they found themselves "click" instantly. Koala Kelvin even gave Panda Ian a Koala clip from the souvenir shop as friendship present and Panda Ian gave back a DVD in return. (Kung Fu Panda)* Day 3: Panda Ian was brought out to the sea to explore the marine life as Australia is famous with its deep blue sea and marine lives. Panda Ian enjoyed watching the corals in the Great Barrier Reef and Whale watching at South Australia where he meet his first marine friend Whale Willy. Whale Willy gave him a big welcome with a big spray on top of its head and made Panda Ian whole body gets wet. =.=" After that, Panda Ian was brought to Monkey Mia to meet with the dolphins and gets to feed them. :) Panda Ian was struggling to let go of the fish on his paws but remembering he was a intelligent Panda, he have to been nice and polite so he share the fishes with his new friends and feed them. Slowly they become friends and the dolphins even gave him a ride on their back. At night, Panda Ian quietly hide behind the bushes on the beach of Phillip Island and watch penguins return on shore to lay eggs. It was a once in a life time experience for a Panda! Day 4: Guess where is Panda Ian going to this time? Wine yards! I guess Panda Ian was the first Panda to get to taste wine. There are thousands of wine yard in Australia but Panda Ian cant visit all. So he only stop by a few and have some wine tasting. Its Free!! Being Panda Ian is still a Panda, he dint like tasting wine very much. He still prefers to eat the fruits while it still fresh~ Thats how Panda Rules. But is still a good experience for Panda Ian got to taste some Australia's wine. But the day sure did not last long for Panda Ian, he got drunk and felt a sleep after half a day. Sweet dreams. Day 5: It was the last day for Panda Ian adventure to Aust. Being it was the last day, Panda Ian should probably have some fun. Where is the best place to go? Gold Coast of course~ where sun, beach, theme parks, and surfing are all in one. Panda Ian spend its day at the 4 famous theme park in Gold Coast, Movie World, Dream World, Wet n Wild and Sea World. Panda Ian toke a lot of photos with the tourist there being he was a famous panda. And then spend the rest of the day getting sun tent at the beach. Where he concentrate area where he has his black fur not his white fur or else he will turn into a black bear instead. It was a fun and relaxing day for Panda Ian and he gets to enjoy authentic seafoods and drink coconut juice for his dinner and spend his night on a five star villa at the beach. And finally, It is time for Panda Ian to go back home. This ends Panda Ian 6D5N adventure to Australia. Panda Ian has made a lot of animal friends during this trip and surely make his mark at the heart of Australia's animals.

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Posted on 14/10/2010 09:14:39 |
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haha!! quite interesting~! =) keep it up..
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when panda meets koala ;)
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Panda Ian begins another day of office life. You’d think a Panda like him shouldn’t need to work. But even Pandas need to earn a living. Bamboo shoots are getting scarcer, and hence more sacred. Supply and demand, the Panda Economic Gurus always say. Ian reflects on an interesting evening yesterday. It started with drinks after work at a quaint little place called ‘Dave’s’. Ian doesn’t know who Dave is, but he sure makes good salad and pasta. And that’s saying a lot for a Panda who prefers bamboo, or at least Japanese rice. There was beer too. Milder than the accustomed Japanese sake, and a little gassy too.

Not wanting to drink and drive, Ian played the quiet passenger, braving the famous traffic jams of Kuala Lumpur with his latest foster friend. You don’t get jams in Mount Fuji, unless you mean fruit jams.

Greeting Ian at the gates was a fearsome German Shepherd, but fortunately, it was just bark, no bite. From ferocious to friendly, Ian then made acquaintance with a bunny rabbit. He did not say much, except the cliché of how he was pulled out of a box, with balloons. Rabbits, always seems to be involve with some magician.

So now it’s back to work for Panda Ian. He’s getting more than his fair share of attention. Some consider him cute, others pity him for working so hard that he has black eyes.  In fact, Ian wasn’t actually doing any work. Computer keyboards aren’t conducive for Ian’s claws. He’s just watching the many homo sapiens running their fingers all over, trying to make sense of their lives through a magic wafer. ‘Laptop’, they call it.

It promises to be long wait until the end of the day. Maybe lunchtime will bring more excitement.

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Posted on 08/10/2010 09:55:38 |
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haha!! quite interesting~! =) keep it up..
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haha..magic waffle...laptop
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pandas need to earn a living :(
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Today I got to watch How to Train Your Dragon with my new friend.  I like watching movies. I think I like eating McNuggets too. But my favourite food is still yummy yummy bamboo shoots. 
ohhhhh bamboo......*drools*

I also met an odd red bear with horizontal stripy grooves. Told me his name is Groovy and his favourite past time is to play games with his best friend, Mr Potato Head.  Mr Potato Head is a funny chap. Weird, though. One time I let out a huge loud sneeze and Mr Potato Head disintegrated into pieces.  What happened there? Hmm....

OK the movie seems to be getting interesting now...tata!

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Posted on 05/10/2010 20:37:54 |
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haha!! quite interesting~! =) keep it up..
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i like watching movies too
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haha!! quite interesting~! =) keep it up..
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all the best
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good luck Ian! ;)
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