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Hello! This is Panda Lynn. You might find her life story somewhat interesting...

Panda Lynn was born on July 10th, 1984 in Shaanxi, China. She is very friendly, talkative and very active, she knows how to sing, but doesn't let anyone hear her. When her friends are in trouble she's ready for action. She's fair as she doesn't pull back and tries her best by showing no mercy to evil. Panda Lynn lives in a small village in the forest with her aunt because her parents died when she was born. Recently, her aunt went missing after a mission she was given by the officials. Lynn decides to take on her aunt mission and heads to the culprits.
This Panda's Angel is


Remember happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what 
        you have; it depends solely on what you think.

The future depends on what we do in present - Mahatma Ghandi

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Lynn the Panda and Milo the dog
Lynn was an immense Panda. Her father was a giant Panda, that we nicknamed "Gummy." After Lynn's father died, now she became the queen of our house. Our Great Husky dogs of course were about as big as any dog gets, but Lynn still ruled the small house we live in.
She didn't associate with other animals, and she insisted that the dogs treat her as an equal, if not superior. Her favorite friend was our big male called Milo. Milo was also Lynn's bed. When all was calm in the house and it was nap time, Milo slept under my bed with Lynn parting the white and black mane on his neck or fur on his back to make a bed. Heavy as Lynn was, Milo didn't mind letting her sleep where she wanted.
In appreciation, Lynn brought her best friend the first portion of most meals. Bamboo shoots were thinned out from our small garden and on the other side of the road in front of our house. Lynn could be heard uttering a guttural growl as she carried bamboo shoots to drop at Milo's feet. Sometimes Lynn sat as Milo licked it and sometimes, Lynn allowed Milo to get the first bite before carrying it away to finish it off.
Once I as I carried scraps out to Milo, I heard Lynn coming home with her growl. "Well, girl," I said, "I hope you are still hungry."
I almost screamed as I noticed Lynn dropping a very large Bamboo shoot at Milo's feet. Purring and rubbing up to Milo, Lynn was obviously very proud of her gift, but Milo tried to look the other way.
Picking up the shoots, Lynn moved it closer to Milo and then moved away to watch Milo dine on her gift. It didn't happen. I watched several minutes as Lynn kept moving the bamboo shoots closer and Milo kept moving further away. Lynn was plainly getting upset and insisting that her gift be accepted.
Finally I returned outside carrying a trash can, and when Lynn walked around the backside of Milo, I kept the Bamboo shoots and carried it out to the burning trash.
The sight of Lynn when she walked around and discovered the bamboo shoots was totally gone was worth watching. She looked down at the spot where she had dropped it last and finally looked up at Milo.
Lynn started purring loudly. She was so proud that Milo had finally eaten her gift that she rubbed all over him until long after I returned to the house.
They were bonded from that moment on for life and Milo seemed grateful that I had removed the bamboo shoots that he just couldn't sink his teeth into.

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haha.... cos his ex-master love Milo Ice, in fact she has 2 dogs. this is called Milo, the other one is called Ice.... ^ v ^
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probably the dog love to drink milo, that's why it is called Milo! :)
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Milo, can drink not?
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1. Panda don't care if you mow the lawn or not.

2. Panda don't run up outrageous phone bills talking to friends and relatives for hours.

3. Panda don't get upset if you don't want to watch a LIFETIME movie.

4. Panda don't use all the hot water taking hour long showers.

5. Panda don't have an expensive Avon habit to support.

6. Panda don't get upset when you refer to them as a bitch, at least not the female ones.

7. Panda don't care if you ball your socks up and leave them under the couch.

8. Panda don't get upset if you forget their birthday.

9. Panda don't care if your favorite lounging jeans have a hole in the knee.

10. Panda don't care if you prefer pizza over pot roast

11. Panda don't expect you to remember the name of every one of their friends.

12. Panda don't care if you leave the toilet seat up or down.

13. Panda don't care how much sports you watch on TV

14. Panda don’t require dinner and a movie before sleeping w/ u.

15. Panda aren't afraid of breaking a nail.

16. Panda don't take hours to get ready to go to dinner.

17. Panda don't care if you have razor stubble.

18. Panda don't care to carry on a conversation with you.

19. Panda don’t force you to put up with your Panda's relatives if you don't like them.

20. Panda toys are not as expensive as computers.

21. Panda don't get PMS.

22. Panda don't want babies.

23. Panda don't care how many other Pandas you had before them.

24  Panda don't expect you to carry their purchases when you go shopping with them. Better: they do not make purchases

25. Panda don't need three days to pack before going on a week-end trip.

26. Panda don't need you to explain to everybody the nature of your relationship with them.

27. Panda don't want to be introduced to your parents.

28. Panda don't try to insinuate how better their friends' owners are.

29. Panda don't care about etiquette and table manners.

30. Panda don't need to have you 24 h at their bedside when they are sick.

31. Panda don't care how much you earn.

32. Panda don't think that living with you gives them the right to use your shaver on their legs.


So, keep a Panda !!!

Credits: My Mom

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So much good point..!!!
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cool!! :)
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The humidity is stifling. A small drop of sweat slides down my neck, falling to the damp ground at Lynn's feet. The smell of freshly turned soil fills her nostrils. She move slowly through the towering plant life. All around her is a slight fog curling around her feet and ankles. The distant sound of strange birds echoes in her ears like wailing sirens. This place is strange and unfamiliar. Everything is larger than normal and she have never felt so insignificant. Her light-up Velcro shoes flash green and pink in the shadowy light like a beacon lighting her way. Lynn passes underneath the dew speckled ferns, high above her. A large drop lands on her head and dribbles down her arm, mingling with the light sheen of sweat permanently pasted on her skin. The sweet smell of exotic fruits and plants lingers in the air, soaking into her frizzed hair. Her nervous fingers play with a frayed edge of her white hand-me down tank top. The noises have gradually started coming closer. She duck her head quickly as an unnaturally large bird with a pointed head swoops down at her with razor teeth. Lynn don’t even have to think about running before she started moving at a far quicker pace. She flew through the fauna as a roar sounds behind her. A slow chill crawls down her spine and pools in her stomach, twisting my guts in fear, thinking "Am I fast enough? Will I get there in time?" The answer is apparent when a low growl comes from her left. Lynn's body freezes up in fear as she feel the snort of a large animal blow the hair from her face. Its breath is putrid and stinks of rotting eggs. It is so close that she can almost feel its sinister black eyes roaming her body; sizing up how to eat her. Her body jerks forward by its own will and she let out a piercing wail. Lynn's screams are drowned out by a bone-shaking roar that rattles her brain and curls her toes. With one last shriek, the world goes pitch black and she feel her body pitch forward into open air, falling. Whether it’s into a stomach or off a cliff, she can’t tell, but a slight pressure around her shoulders keeps her in place. The sudden rush of cold water surrounding her body in a spray jolts her from her stupor. The fog has cleared and the sunlight is beaming down. She bob in the water like a cork taking in the new surroundings. The air is cleaner and smells more of flowers and spring. The excess water droplets are cool and refreshing on her salty skin and Lynn's heartbeat slows down to a normal pace once more. The water has already soaked through her shoes and feels squishy when she wiggle her toes. Eventually the current pulls Lynn along the river. Through the plants, she can see more creatures of great size looking quizzically at her, but she just float on by. Her head is filled with thoughts of near death experiences and sharp teeth. she is so much in shock that she doesn't feel herself stop. A large familiar palm is outstretched towards her like a life-line. She latch on to it and let it pull her away from the exotic land of monsters and to a large stone archway. As she is leading to the exit of her personal hell she see a large sign to her right written in big bold letters....

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what next??
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to be continued?
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haha!! quite interesting~! =) keep it up..
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"huff!" a heavy breathing startled me. I looked at my surrounding, holding my breath. Oh no! I saw one pair of big, green glowing eyes and two pairs of small, green glowing eyes staring at me, yes, ME! I became more terrified when it moved slowly and unsoundly towards me. I can still remember clearly how i ended up here... Darkness suddenly surrounded me today while i was taking my evening nap. Followed by it, I can feel that i was lift into midair. And after a short swinging journey and continued by a long journey in a freezing environment, things start to became warmer and i can feel that i'm being lifted once again and followed by another swinging journey that makes me giddy, but it soon came to a sudden stop. I heard lots of little spooky whispering, heavy sound of breathing and some horrible, monstrous sound screeching through the thin walls that surrounded me. (If i can sweat, trust me, i'll be sweating like a little pig by now...) After that, i can feel the ground but it is too dark to know where i am. I planned to talk a walk around. However, this adventurous heart of mine came to a sudden stop. Wait! I can feel someone gazing at me in the dark. Not one, but many! I sit still and do not dare to move a muscle, fearing that my movements will alarm these unknown beings towards my presents upon them. I waited in silence and time went by and my eyelids got heavier and heavier... Until, "huff!" a heavy breathing startled me. I looked at my surrounding, holding my breath. and... Oh no! I saw one pair of big, green glowing eyes and two pairs of small, green glowing eyes staring at me, yes, ME! I became more terrified when two of it moved slowly and unsoundly towards me. I can hear their heavy panting and sound of water dripping from one of it! Oh no, i think. It hungry and wants to eat me! Somebody, please, HELP!!! However, despite my call for help(in my heart), i can feel that my body was being controlled by another unknown being, forcing me to walk closer and closer towards those green eyes monsters that was waiting for me with one of their big, wide, open mouth that is full with sharp teeth! I can smell it's stinking breath and the smell of blood in it's mouth! I can also feel it's breath on my fur... WAAAAAAH!!! I'M DOOOOOMED!! *click*, brightness surrounded me at last. "Angie, what do you think you are doing with Lynn?" A young lady came to my rescue! She glared at me, or should i say, the person who is holding and hiding behind me. "Umm... nothing. Just introducing her to Lucky, Milo and Blacky. Heh heh... Here you go, Fio." The person behind me passes me over to Fio, the girl who came to my rescue and patted my head. "Haha... we must have shocked you but it sure is fun!" "Woof!" answered a small black dog, one of the monsters ealier. Beside her stood a big, fluffy husky, named Milo, wagging it's tail and continue dripping saliva all over the floor with another dog named Lucky beside it. Phew, it's all just my misunderstanding. I was so scared at first but relieved now that i know the truth behind this incident. Lucky me that Fio came in time. Or else i think i'll end up in the mouth of... gulp.

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wanna catch up hann?
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